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Attractive Construction Industry

What is the future of Contech in Lithuania?

  • Why do we need Contech in Lithuania?
  • How can Contech solutions transform the construction industry?
  • Are we even capable of this transition?
  • How to get started?
  • What Contech startups lack and what do they need to set up and develop?

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Have Tech to show? Competencies to share? We are ready to deliver your message.

See a growing list of startups and construction companies who can partner with each other across the disciplines: software, hardware, robotics, materials or workflows

Your Persistent Enthusiasm Is Fundamental To Contech Success. Only Startups, Construction Companies, Universities and Political Will  Altogether Allows Lithuania To Stand As A Leader of Construction Technology

Lithuanian startups plans to attract investments up to 100 k EUR this year
billion EUR – that is the cost of all construction work done in Lithuania and abroad during 2019 m.
different occupations are in scarcity in construction industry
priciple of seeking strategic aims in Lithuania is innovation

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