The task of construction pioneers: to grow contech in Lithuania

A conference on construction technologies “Contech: what is the future?” took place in Vilnius. The event brought together industry pioneers from start-ups, the traditional construction business, higher education and the public sector.


When the first speaker, Paulius Milčius from the VMG group, asked how many engineers were in the audience, most of the hands went up. However, these people are united not only by the profession, but also by the vision of a more attractive, productive, innovative construction sector.


In the presentations, representatives of business and science shared their work experience, stories and examples from Estonia, Sweden, Finland, Malta, Germany, Japan, the United States and other countries. The experience of professionals is diverse simply because contech includes not only digital construction but also data management, artificial intelligence, robotics, automation, innovative materials and business management models. However, it is clear that the development of smart construction depends not only on the positive attitude of market participants, but also on the position of the state and educational institutions.


The audience gathered at the conference on Friday can become the basis of a new community: in the discussion that involved all the participants of the conference, speeches about the cluster, platform or other form of gathering and sharing were repeated. Contech Lithuania is already on the LinkedIn social network, where followers can see every update.


Contech participants in Lithuania will be able to publish about themselves and their business initiatives on the website until becomes a database of construction companies and technology start-ups.


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